Dakota Distressed King Bed Frame

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Product Description

Transform your bedroom into a haven of rustic charm with our exquisitely crafted distressed king bed frame. Crafted from 100% distressed pine wood, this bed frame boasts an authentically weathered appearance that radiates timeless rustic beauty. The rich wax tobacco stain deepens the distressed marks, infusing your space with an inviting warmth and character.

Every bed frame in this collection is a unique masterpiece, ensuring that your piece will possess distinct variations in color and distressed detailing, deviating from the image provided. This adds to the individuality and allure of your bedroom decor.

Featuring a relief panel and sunken bed posts, this bed frame offers both style and substance. It comes complete with a headboard, footboard, slats, and rails, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process. 

Finish: Tobacco Stain & Dark Grain

Dimensions (King Size): 85"L x 67"H x 95"D

Enjoy the convenience of free shipping within the continental U.S., making it easier than ever to acquire this stunning centerpiece for your sleeping space. Enhance your bedroom today with the rustic elegance of our distressed queen bed frame.