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Four Hole Sugar Mold Candle Holder White

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Product Description

This rustic sugar mold candle holder makes a great rustic decor to your home. Made from 100% pine wood and are reproductions of actual cane sugar molds used in Mexico for centuries. They have the wear and individuality to make them truly rustic additions to your home decor. Hand painted over the stain, then the paint is wired brushed to make the piece look old and weathered, revealing the woods natural texture and characteristics. Imperfections are what makes this candle holder so unique and one of a kind piece. No two candle holders are alike, so expect variations from the picture. Includes the wood 4 hole sugar mold, 4 vanilla candles, 4 tin inserts to hold the candle and the wrought iron base.

Dimensions: 12.25"L x 9"H x 6"D
Color: White Paint on Honey Stain
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